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Tallahassee - Named "An All American City" in 1999, Florida's Capital is committed to downtown development and revitalization. Home to the Tallahassee Boy's Choir. A variety of museums and Kleman Plaza. From art to engineering and high-tech labs to war memorials. The Lake Jackson Mounds evidence a rich history that includes Pre-Columbian, Spanish Colonial and Plantation. Nearby attractions are naturally plentiful.

Lake Jackson Mounds State Archaeological Site  Tallahassee

Lake Jackson Mounds State Archaeological Site TALLAHASSEE This historic site lends proof positive that Indians made their home along Lake Jackson as early as 1200 AD. These ceremonial mounds served as the final resting place of the Indians and as temples for the living. You can also view a portion of the village and trading area. Fascinating artifacts such as pottery, copper breast plates and ornamental jewelry have been unearthed and are on display here. The park is beautifully maintained and makes a pleasant spot for picnics.

3600 Indian Mounds Rd, Tallahassee 850-922-6007

Hours  Daily 8am-dusk